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Why Buy from

I've been buying and selling Audubon and other natural history prints for over 15 years and am an expert in this field. I've helped hundreds of people purchase and enjoy original natural history prints. This is a single-person business, so you will always be dealing with me. There may be cheaper ways to buy prints, but not necessarily cheaper ways to get an education in what you are buying, and know that you are ending up with a print that satisfies your individual preferences at a fair price.

What you can expect when you work with me to buy an original Audubon print (or anything else):

  • I will try to make sure you understand what you are buying. I prepare complete and detailed condition reports that describe all aspects of prints you are considering, including information you may not have enough background knowledge to ask about, or might not perceive yourself with a personal examination of the print. My condition reports are illustrated with numerous photos and organized to make it easy for you to understand condition issues and tradeoffs BEFORE you see the piece. AND I stand by these reports. Auction houses may provide condition information as a courtesy, but their terms and conditions typically state that neither they nor the owner (consignor) are responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information. Responsibility for determining condition (and in many cases even determining the authenticity of what is being sold) rests with the buyer.

  • I offer lower prices for high quality prints similar to what you can find in high-end galleries and often much better than what you find at auction. Unlike most auction houses, I provide expert and well-priced shipping as part of every purchase. I know how to ship large prints so that cost is minimized and protection uncompromised.

  • My prices are transparent, not obscured by complicated "terms and conditions" involving buyer's premiums, reserves or the placing of bids by the auctioneer on behalf of owners.

  • The merchandise you purchase from me can be returned within a reasonable window of time for any reason -- if you do not like it, or it was not as you expected it to be, or it turns out not to meet your needs. This is not the case with merchandise bought at auction.

  • I provide detailed and informative answers to questions about Audubon, his prints, the importance of condition, and the impact of conservation and restoration. My goal is not just to sell you something, but to enhance your appreciation of the art that I love and to educate you about antique natural history prints.

  • For each Audubon print that I sell, I prepare individually written Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) and provide copies (original or otherwise) of Audubon's text. These written documents will enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the print. Documentation can be prepared for other items on request.