JJA’s birthday POST SCRIPT

This morning I encountered Audubon in the Washington Post Style section, a fun example of what I was writing about in my last post. There was an article about Ann Romney and her $990 “bird blouse.” It seemed somewhat abstract in appearance, so I looked more closely — and there were pieces of JJA’s Iceland or Jer Falcon from the Havell Edition in the blouse. If you read to the second page, it mentioned, “The blouse on trial is a short-sleeve swath of colorful silk. It is called ‘The Reed Audubon Silk Shirt.’ A yellow-hued falcon (a gyrfalcon, to be exact) swoops across the front; its prey appears to be Ann Romney’s right tricep.” The colors were definitely a departure from the original. Another photo later in the article (at least in the newspaper, couldn’t find it online) shows the Reed Krakoff outfit on the runway in Sept 2011 including both blouse and matching pants. The article noted that “[t]he bird blouse recalls in both name and design the ornithologist-naturalist John James Audubon, whose legacy evokes the American wilderness.” Some webbing around revealed that this clothing line (carried at places such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman-Marcus and Nordstrom’s) includes quite a few items using this color palette and various abstractions of JJA’s Gyrfalcon. Here is the Post article.

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