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Detail from PL 113 Blue-bird

Detail from PL 113 Blue-bird. Female feeding a caterpillar to a chick.


This article and my visit to HistoryMiami were greatly enhanced by personal and email communication with curator Rebecca Smith. A special thank you to the other members of the staff I met for their extraordinary friendliness and enthusiasm for the exhibition. Also sincere thanks to Audubon dealer and author Joel Oppenheimer for his insights and information on Whatman paper, and to my friend Linda T with whom I enjoyed the exhibition.

"Bird Nerd" pin worn by HistoryMiami staff

HistoryMiami’s Bonnie Welch gave me this pin, an item worn by staff and given out during some of the exhibition’s family-oriented activities.

One particularly enjoyable aspect of my visit was sharing the gallery space with school groups. HistoryMiami educator Bonnie Welch and I discussed some of the programs she has done with school children, which included a kind of “treasure hunt” for insects across the galleries and illustrations of the actual sizes of some birds (e.g., demonstrating the wingspan of a California Condor). It is gratifying to realize how much HistoryMiami staff are doing to promote this show for both school groups and families.

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School group at HistoryMiami

A school group learns about Audubon at HistoryMiami.



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