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To return to this overview page at any time, click the BOOKS link in the left-side navigation bar. The center navigation bar in the masthead area has links to the various categories of books that I sell and also to lists of recommendations.

I sell two types of books -- contemporary books that reproduce or discuss natural history art (primarily Audubon's art) and some rare and antique books by (or otherwise related to) Audubon or other natural history artists. What is available varies greatly. Because of lack of storage space, I cannot carry as wide a variety of books as I can provide information on. There are many books that reproduce Audubon's work. While there are reasons for some people to buy some these books, there may not be any reason for you to do so. In my opinion, some books reproducing Audubon's art are indeed better than others.

The books I sell don't always fall into neat categories, but I have tried to split them into logical groups.

  • Art and Reference. Although some of these books are older, most are contemporary (mid-20th to 21st century books). These books do not include original plates, but may reproduce natural history art or reprints of the letter presses associated with the natural history prints that I sell. These books could include biographies and reference books that describe the artists and their works. Two examples for this category would be a 1997 book entitled Birds of America that reproduces in color all the plates of the Havell edition and Bill Steiner's book Audubon Art Prints (a valuable overview of Audubon's work).
  • antique books or books with original color plates. This category is for older and rare books including original letter presses and books with original color plates. Two examples would be the original issue of Audubon's Synopsis of the Birds of North America and a complete 3-volume set of Audubon's octavo edition of The Quadrupeds of North America.
    Don't know what to buy or just curious about "what is out there?" Have a look at my annotated lists of books. These lists provide my comments on many of the books that I enjoy or use. Some of these books are duplicative of others on the list. Just because it's on the list, doesn't mean it's the best or even one of the best of its type, but it may have a feature that other books lack. My lists are intended to provide enough information to help you choose a book, especially if there is something specific you need. The lists are by no means a complete survey of books in the field, but I hope they will give you an idea about the wide range of Audubon books that are available. I don't sell all of these books. I tend to focus on out-of-print books as opposed to more widely available books. This does not reflect on the possible value of current books, but rather my space limitations and the economics of book sales. Here are the links to my annotated lists of books you might wish to consider.
  • Audubon Art Books. Books that reproduce Audubon art. This list focuses on books that reproduce a large group of Audubon's work, for example the complete Havell Edition, not selected prints.
  • Audubon Reference. This includes biographies of Audubon and books about his work.
  • Other Natural History. Not Audubon -- but still interesting.