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The books below mostly reproduce Audubon's works or are about Audubon's work, although there are a few listed on some of the other artists we carry (e.g., John Woodhouse Audubon, John Gould and Rex Brasher).  Lack of condition information in the listing is not an indication that the book is in "as new" condition. Always ask for information. If marked "SOLD" or you don't see it here, I may be able to get another copy or something similar for you. Read the ordering page for information on shipping, returns and forms of payment. All books are in USED condition; please confirm condition information.

Audubon: Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of John James Audubon. Volume 87, No. 3, May 1985.  A wonderful commemorative issue of Audubon, the magazine of the National Audubon Society, including a superb and beautifully-illustrated article by Mary Durant and Michael Harwood.  This article is one of the best short biographies of Audubon available. With superb color illustrations, this article covers different ground than other bios (including the recent Rhodes bio). It also explains how many myths about Audubon got started.  Also interesting to collectors will be an advertisement in the magazine for the complete Abbeville set reproducing the Havell Edition of The Birds of America. In excellent condition. $25.  Available as an add-on for $10 (including shipping), November 1985 Audubon with an article by Michael Harwood about Audubon's 1842 journey to Missouri.  I do not sell the November issue by itself.

AUDUBON, John James: Audubon's Birds of America - The Royal Octavo Edition; San Diego: Thunder Bay Press, 1994.  Introduction by Susanne M. Low.  This book is the best available reproducing the 500 plates of the first octavo edition of The Birds of America.  $95. 

AUDUBON, John James [PETERSON, Roger Tory & Virginia Marie Peterson]: Audubon's Birds of America - The Audubon Society's Baby Elephant Folio.  New York: Artabras, 1981.  This reprint edition includes the very interesting and well-illustrated introduction to ornithological art by Roger Tory Peterson.  It includes Peterson's commentary on the 435 plates of the Double Elephant Folio, and presents them in phylogenetic order.  A very heavy book with beautiful illustrations and interesting text.  Old gift inscription and wear on jacket -- used condition.  This book weighs over 15 lbs.  Will incur extra shipping charges.  $50.   

AUDUBON, John James PETERSON, Roger Tory & Virginia Marie Peterson]: Audubon's Birds of America - The Audubon Society's Baby Elephant Folio.  Norwalk, Connecticut: Easton Press, 1981.  Handsomely bound in green leather with raised bands on spine, gold lettering and illustration of the Horned Owl. No jacket as issued.  Audubon's Double Elephant Folio presented in phylogenetic order with a well-illustrated introduction to ornithological art by Roger Tory Peterson and Peterson's commentary on the plates.   Deluxe version of the Baby Elephant Folio including numerous foldouts.  Some minor scratches to leather, one corner very slightly bumped, former owner's book plate and name/address stamps on front free end paper.  Weighs over 15 lbs, will incur extra shipping charges.  SOLD

AUDUBON, John James: Blaugrund, Annette, and Theodore E. Stebbins, Jr. [eds.]; John James Audubon - The Watercolors for the Birds of America; New York: Villard Books, 1993. With essays by Stebbins, Blaugrund, Amy R. W. Meyers, and Reba Fishman Snyder.  This hardcover book includes a fully-illustrated index of all of Audubon's paintings, several interesting articles about Audubon's life and technique, and numerous black-and-white and full-page color illustrations. Dust jacket shows a little wear. SOLD

AUDUBON, John James, [Introduction by David Allen Sibley]: The Birds of America; London: Sterling, 2011. A worthy addition to the library of anyone with an interest in Audubon's prints, this book is handsomely bound in dark blue cloth and with a decorated slipcover. I have a new book still in plastic wrap. Includes a brief introduction by David Allen Sibley, and addresses a major deficiency of many modern Audubon editions by including the writing (bird name and key to figures, part and plate numbers, credits to artist and printer) that is an important part of the prints of the era. $150.

AUDUBON, John James: Birds of America; San Diego: Laurel Glen, 1997 and others. The complete collection of 435 illustrations from the most famous bird book in the world.  In my opinion, this is the single best book available for a complete set of reproductions of the Havell Edition (Double Elephant Folio). Put out in trade editions by several publishers with contents and quality appearing to be identical. This is the only book to reproduce the text (plate/part numbers, artist/printer credits, titles and keys) that are an important part of Havell Edition and other natural history prints.  A leather-bound edition was also issued, but is hard to come by.  $50-75 for a book without dust jacket (if available), $100-150 for books with dust jacket (if available), deluxe leather-bound copy (if available) for $300. Prices depend on condition. Inquire for availability.

AUDUBON, John James: The Birds of America; New York: The Macmillan Company, 1942 and later. With an introduction and descriptive text by William Vogt.  Includes the 435 plates from the Havell Edition unlike the 1937 edition that includes an extra 65 plates based on the octavo edition. The plates lack all of the original text from the Havell plates but include brief descriptions of the birds and their habits (as understood in 1937 when the text was written). I have one copy of this book still in stock (dated 1974 with info indicating it was printed from new plates made in 1953). Contents very good with very good boards.  Minor yellowing at the edges of the pages. Fair dust jacket with front of jacket in very good condition but back of jacket including creases and tears, some soiling and foxing on the back of the jacket, extensive foxing on the dust jacket spine. This book reprinted many times in this format by Macmillan from 1942 to 1985.  The basic contents did not change significantly to the best of my knowledge. For example the dust jacket for the 1974 book reports that a fine set of the original Elephant Folio would probably bring "in the neighborhood of fifteen thousand dollars" -- much too low for the 1970s. $25.

AUDUBON, John James: Audubon's Birds of North America - The Complete 500 Paintings; Secaucus, NJ: The Wellfleet Press, 1990.  Introduction by Sheila Buff.  This book reproduces the 500 plates of a later edition octavo set of The Birds of America. $50.

AUDUBON, JOHN JAMES:  Journal of John James Audubon. In two volumes, 1820-21 and 1840-43, bound in cloth with paper labels in original patterned slipcase (books excellent, slipcase good).  Boston, Club of Odd Volumes, 1929.  Limited edition of 225 copies of which 25 reserved by the Club of Odd Volumes. Very hard to find set edited by Howard Corning and with forwards by Ruthven Deane and Francis Herrick. $300. Buy with the set below for $600.

AUDUBON, JOHN JAMES:  Letters of John James Audubon, 1826-1840. In two volumes, in original cloth with paper labels. Boston, Club of Odd Volumes, 1930. Excellent condition. Limited edition of 225 copies of which 25 reserved by the Club of Odd Volumes. Valuable correspondence from an important period of Audubon's life, very hard to find in this or a reprint edition. With forward by Howard Corning. $400. Buy with the set above for $600.

AUDUBON, John James and BACHMAN, Rev. John: The Imperial Collection of Audubon Animals - The Quadrupeds of North America; New York: Hammond Incorporated, 1967. Edited and with new text by Victor H. Cahalane.  A valuable reference that includes small-format reproductions of the folio plates of the Quadrupeds series, excerpts from the original text, and information on the animals depicted.  Plates are grouped by animal type, not in the order published, and images do not include nomenclature.  Amazingly, this is the only book available that reprints the folio edition quad plates in color. Bookplate of former owner plus a small doodle in red marker on p. 84 that has bled to p.83.  $60. 

AUDUBON, John James and BACHMAN, Rev. John: The Quadrupeds of North America - Complete and Unabridged; Secaucus, NJ: The Wellfleet Press, 1990.  A large format book reprinting of an octavo edition (including text) of Audubon and Bachman's Quadrupeds. $50.

AUDUBON, John Woodhouse: The Drawings of John Woodhouse Audubon, Illustrating his Adventures through Mexico and California, 1849-1850; San Francisco: The Book Club of California, 1957.   Introduction and notes on the drawings by Carl Schaefer Dentzel.  One of 400 copies, printed by the Grabhorn Press. Decorative paper boards, a beautifully produced book in excellent condition including the original prospectus.  Reproduces the Gold Rush era sketchbook (including notes) of a talented and adventurous artist.  After a harrowing journey through desert, John Woodhouse proved his fine leadership qualities, but failed to make his fortune in the gold fields.  He returned home to New York hoping to publish these drawings, but the first part of the series was met with indifference, and the project was discontinued.  The four original prints issued are exceedingly rare; we are fortunate to have this book to preserve these beautiful drawings.  SOLD 

BOEHME, Sarah E.: John James Audubon in the West - The Last Expedition - Mammals of North America.  New York and Cody WY: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers in association with the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, 2000.  Four excellent essays on the Quadrupeds, by Sarah Boehme, Annette Blaugrund, Robert McCracken Peck, and Ron Tyler. The essays focus on Audubon's painting techniques, his 1843 journey up the Missouri River to paint and collect western mammals, his collaboration and friendship with co-author the Reverend John Bachman, and the publication of the Imperial Folio edition. Excellent condition.  A wonderful reference book. $40. 

BRASHER, Rex:  Birds and Trees of North America Comprising 875 Full-Color plates; 1094 Species and Sub-Species of Birds; 383 Species of Trees with an Explanatory Text By the Artist Edited and Annotated By Lisa McGraw.  New York: Rowman and Littlefield, 1961.  Ledger-sized, in four volumes (no jackets as issued); leather spine w/ cloth.  The best books reproducing Brasher's work, but disappointing when compared to the real thing. These books are extremely heavy and incur a shipping surcharge.  SOLD

HERRICK, FRANCIS H.: Audubon the Naturalist - A History of his Life and Time, New York: D. Appleton & Company, second edition, 1938.  Two volumes in one. Illustrated. Second edition of this classic and groundbreaking biography with new preface by the author. Marks and spotting on boards, extensive spotting and discoloration on spine. Some pencil markings on front endpapers and book plate of previous owner. Frontispieces. Original blue cloth with gilt cameo of Audubon on cover, t.e.g. First scholarly and comprehensive biography on John James Audubon, this is a truly impressive work in its scope. Well illustrated (including two sepia toned plates). $80.

GODDU, Joseph:  John James Audubon & Robert Havell, Jr.: Artist's Proofs for The Birds of America.  New York: Hirschl & Adler Galleries, 2002.  A short but well-illustrated and award-winning catalogue of an important exhibition.  With wit and clarity, Goddu fills in the holes to explain the process by which Audubon and Havell went from great paintings to great prints.  $50.

GOULD, John:  JOHN GOULD'S HUMMINGBIRDS.  Secaucus, NJ: Wellfleet, 1990.  Large volume reproducing the complete original edition including the 1861 supplement of Gould's most popular work.  Originally published in several volumes between 1849-1861, this is the only reprint edition we know of.  These stunning images are reproduced at 90 percent of full size; Gould's complete text is included as notes to the plates. Some minor flaws, but generally a very good dust jacket on a very good copy of a classic work -- 74pgs of text, 418 beautiful illustrations of hummingbirds. SOLD

STEINER, Bill: Audubon Art Prints: A Collector's Guide to Every Edition; Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 2003.  Hardcover.  An important and comprehensive book for collectors, both old and new.  Covers all the original editions plus many of the significant 20th century reprints. The hardcover has long been out of print and is very hard to find. A copy signed by author ("Best Wishes, Bill Steiner") and lightly scattered with notes of the previous owner.  SOLD

TYLER, Ron: Audubon's Great National Work: The Royal Octavo Edition of The Birds of America; Austin: University of Texas Press, 1993.  First edition, very good condition with a very good dust jacket. Inscribed with previous owner's name; lightly and neatly annotated. This important book, currently out of print and very difficult to find, focuses on the successful popular edition of the Birds of America.  Tyler traces the evolution of the series through subsequent printings, provides an account of the publication of the Imperial Folio quads and the Bien Edition, and also places Audubon in the context of American Romanticism.  A compelling and valuable work, indispensable to anyone with a deep interest in Audubon. Our copy with owner name on free front end paper, lightly scattered with markings and annotations. SOLD

WILLIAMS, Gordon R. Fantasy in a Wood-Block. Chicago: Caxton Club, 1972. The subtitle of this small book is helpful in explaining its topic: "Or What Occurred When John James Audubon, the Naturalist, Visited with Thomas Bewick, the Wood-Engraver, in the year 1827." Charming and quirky volume -- only 12 pages plus illustrations -- and including a restrike (that is, a recent printing by R. Hunter Middleton made with Bewick's original block) of a delightful wood engraving, the one Bewick was working on during Audubon's call. This brief and beautiful book was limited to 500 copies with the boards covered with a variety of papers so that the colors and patterns on the boards differ from book to book. It makes a lovely gift for anyone interested in prints, Audubon, or Bewick. $60