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Visit the ordering area for a complete description of terms including guarantee, returns, sales tax, shipping, and forms of payment.

If you are considering offering something for sale to minniesland.com, please review the information for sellers to learn how to authenticate and describe your print (or other item) to encourage interest. I charge for valuation and authentication services at the rate of $150 per hour. Do the work yourself rather than hiring someone - the information I provide should answer most questions.

For condition and inquiries about the items for sale, please use the contact form or telephone. I used to show a direct email address on this page, but due to spam I have eliminated it. If you wish to send me photos of something, you will need to use the contact form and wait for a return email.

Telephone and Mailing Address

My phone number is 703-823-7436. The address below is a private mail box for mail and deliveries only.  IT IS NOT A GALLERY.  Visitors are welcome by appointment.

minniesland.com, LLC
3213 Duke Street #277
Alexandria VA 22314

Contact Form

To sell something or if you wish to inquire about something you own, please review the information for sellers before filling out the form.

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  • If inquiring about items for sale, please fill in the specifics below. For Audubon prints, IT IS IMPORTANT TO INCLUDE EDITION (Havell, Bien, first or later octavo, Imperial, Princeton, Rare-prints, Alecto...), plate number, and subject (bird or animal name). For non-Audubon prints, include as much identifying information as you can (e.g., artist or author, name of source book, plate number, subject). For books, please include title, publisher, and year published if known.

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