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Prints: Audubon's Folio Animals
Imperial Folio Edition (1845-1848)

detail - black or silver fox

After John Woohouse Audubon, detail from PL 116 American Black or Silver Fox. Hand-colored stone lithograph by J. T. Bowen, 1847

In this area I offer original Audubon animal prints from the Imperial Folio Edition of The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America. This work was sold by subscription by Audubon and his sons beginning in 1842, with the third and final atlas volume completed in 1848. The animals are by John James Audubon or John Woodhouse Audubon; Victor Gifford Audubon contributed to the backgrounds. These are hand-colored stone lithographs by the highly skilled printer James T. Bowen of Philadelphia.

If you are interested in a print, please request a condition report.  If there is a specific print you want that you don't see here, or you are thinking of buying an Imperial but don't know what you want, please get in touch. I can find you any print, or help you decide which print will work best for you.

Most of these prints are full sheets (approximately 27 to 28 inches by 21 to 22 inches). If not listed below, exact dimensions will be provided with other condition information. All items are one of a kind and subject to prior sale. Please visit the ordering page to review policies and terms of sale.

Click the thumbnails below for larger images. More photos and full condition information available upon request. ACTUAL ARTIST FOR EACH PLATE IS INDICATED BY INITIALS (JJA or JWA). This designation is based on subsequent attributions, not based on the credits printed on the plate. Some plates with printed credit to John James Audubon are known to have been painted by John Woodhouse Audubon.

Maryland Marmot

PL 1 Common American Wild Cat (JJA). Audubon was justly proud of this fierce portrait of the bobcat, the first plate in the series. SOLD

Northern Hare - winter

Plate 12 Northern Hare (Winter) (JJA).  Excellent condition, beautiful color.  Life-size depiction of a Snowshoe Hare in its winter pelage.  26-1/2 x 21 inches. SOLD


Plate 13 Musk Rat-Musquash (JJA). Colorful family grouping of the Muskrat.  SOLD

Oregon Flying Squirrel

Plate 15 Oregon Flying Squirrel (JJA).  Northern Flying Squirrel in an attractive tree setting. Fantastic color, one spot in image area. SOLD

Cat Squirrel

Plate 17 Cat Squirrel (JJA).  Audubon's brilliance shines through as he captures these large fox squirrels in all imaginable positions. $1400.

American Skunk

PL 42 Common American Skunk (JJA). Overall very good, measuring about 27-1/4 x 20-1/2 inches. Audubon imbues this mother with fierce appeal. $3800

Grey Fox

PL 21 Grey Fox (JJA). This work radiates beauty and spirit. Measuring 27-7/8 x 21-7/8 inches. One of the best images of the Imperial Folio, this print with superb color. $22500

Grey Rabbit

PL 22 Grey Rabbit (JJA) Eastern Cottontail. Trimmed partially colored sheet, interesting and rare. Audubon found solace in his work on the painting for this image right after the death of his beloved daughter-in-law Eliza (Victor's first wife). SOLD

Colorado Chipmunk

PL 24 Four-striped Ground Squirrel (JJA). Colorado chipmunk. Excellent color -- note the reds and blues in the berries. SOLD

Cotton Rat

PL 30 Cotton Rat (JJA). Super color and an iInteresting background of a farm house with rice fields and sweet potato vines. $900

Collared Peccary - Javelina

PL 31 Collared Peccary (JJA). Also called Javelina or Musk Hog, our only wild native "piglike" animal. Shown with prickly pear. Popular southwestern game animal. $6500

Polar Hare

PL 32 Polar Hare (JJA). Also known as Arctic Hare, these large animals are almost completely white in winter months. Painted life size, it completely fills the page. SOLD

Canada Pouched Rat

PL 65 Little Harvest Mouse (JJA). Mice in a cornfield. Excellent color, condition. Full sheet. $1600

Swift Fox

PL 52 Swift Fox (JJA). Kit Fox. Measures 27-1/8 x 21-1/4 inches. In poor to fair condition, lined, would benefit from additional conservation. Retains good original color. SOLD

American Bison


PL 68 Fox Squirrel (JJA). Audubon's best squirrel. Great color, overall excellent. Can provide frame for cost of shipping. $3900.

Virginian Opossum

PL66 Virginian Opossum. This is the only marsupial to be found in the US and Canada. Adult and young in a lovely persimmon tree. Trimmed tight to image on top edge. SOLD

Prairie Wolf (coyote)

PL 71 Prairie Wolf (by JWA but credited to JJA). The coyote, a highly adaptable animal, now often found in suburban areas. Set in a stunning landscape, this colorful image takes up most of this full sheet. $6500.

American Elk - Wapiti Deer

PL 62 American Elk - Wapiti Deer (JJA). About 27-1/4 by 21-1/4 inches. Showing both the bull and cow, Audubon drew this important western animal at 1/7 of "natural size." $7500


American White Wolf

PL 72 American White Wolf (JWA). Art by JWA but credited to JJA. Lively portrait of a wolf defending a prize. Measuring 27-3/8 x 21-3/8. Great color. Wolf shown at 1/3 of "natural size." $5000


Little Chief Hare - American Pika

PL 83 Little Chief Hare (JJA). American Pika, considered an important indicator species for global warming. Found in rocky western habitats -- as shown in this composition. SOLD


American Red Fox

PL 87 American Red-Fox (JJA). This classic image makes an important statement about cruelty to wildlife.  Outstanding color, full of drama.  $5000

Common Mouse


PL 90 Common Mouse (JWA). Art by JWA but credited to JJA.  With repairs at bottom right corner, slightly trimmed to 26-5/8 x 19-5/8 inches. Charming study of house mice gathered for a family meal. $7500

Polar Bear


PL 91 Polar Bear (JWA). Includes a hand-painted mat if desired. Trimmed in height only to 27 x 19 inches.This stately bear now threatened by global warming and the loss of its polar habitat. SOLD

Ring-tailed Bassaris - Ringtail

PL 98 Ring-tailed Bassaris (JWA). 28 x 22 inches. Now known as ring-tailed cat (or just ringtail), this southwestern mammal related to the raccoon. SOLD

The Jaguar

PL 101 The Jaguar (Female) (JWA). Fierce and animated, one of John Woodhouse Audubon's best. Measuring 27-7/8 inches by 21-7/8 inches. SOLD

Mole-shaped Pouched Rat


PL 110 Mole-shaped Pouched Rat (JWA). Presents the Northern Pocket Gopher at life size in a beautiful setting.  SOLD

Esquimaux Dog

PL 113 Esquimaux Dog (JWA). Canadian Eskimo Dog. Background showing teepee, Native Americans and harnessed dog. Some repairs, excellent color. $2800

Original Imperial Folio Black or Silver Fox

PL 116 American Black or Silver Fox (JWA). Full sheet with adhesive along top edge, otherwise excellent. Handsome portrait of the silver morph of the red fox. $22500.

Pine Marten

PL 136 Common or Virginian Deer (JWA). White-tailed deer. Overall very good with some repairs, one just entering top of image area. (Frame included.) $14000.

Tawny Weasel

PL 148 Tawny Weasel. Short-tailed Weasel (or ermine) attacking a chicken in a farmyard, color on this print is outstanding. $950

Tawny Lemming

PL 120 Richardson's Tawny Lemming - Back's Lemming (JWA).Now considered two subspecies of the Brown Lemming.  Beautiful mountain lake background.  SOLD

American Marsh Shrew

PL 125 American Marsh Shrew (JWA). This beautiful image greatly enhanced by a lovely landscape with sunset sky. SOLD

Northern Meadow Mouse

PL 129. Northern Meadow-Mouse (JWA). Northern Bog Lemming (also known as the lemming mouse). Plate number misprinted as CXXIV (124) with hand-correction to CXXIX. Nice colors. SOLD

Pouched Jerboa Rat

Plate 130 Pouched Jerboa Mouse (JWA). Phillips' Kangaroo Rat.  Pretty colors, crease in sky area.  SOLD

Townsend's Arvicola

Plate 144 Townsend's Arvicola / Sharp-nosed Arvicola / Bank Rat (JWA).  Townsend's Vole / Meadow Vole / Marsh Rice Rat.  Lovely background with three nice-looking critters. SOLD

Southern Pouched Rat

PL 150  Southern Pouched Rat / DeKay's Shrew / Silvery Shrew Mole / Long-nosed Shrew (JWA).  Now Southeastern Pocket Gopher / Dekay's Shrew / Silvery Shrew Mole / Southeastern Shrew.  The last first described by Bachman.  SOLD