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Prints: Audubon's Folio Animals

When I first began collecting Audubon's work in the 1990s, the available information on the animal folios -- originals, restrikes, or reproductions -- was minimal. Although one group of limited-edition reproductions -- the Southart-Parkway facsimile prints -- was fairly well documented, there was no information about full-size reproductions from other publishers, and most dealers would tell you that they didn't exist. Turns out that there were a least a few other facsimiles done in the 20th century, including a print by the Boston Athenaeum of PL 116 American Black or Silver Fox (circa 1970s) and a couple of squirrel folio prints (and perhaps others) by Sidney Z. Lucas.

I sell three different types of facsimiles of Imperial Folio animals:

  1. Rare-Prints Giclées. Small but growing selection of state-of-the-art digital prints made from superb originals.
  2. Southart-Parkway. These classic offset lithographs were published in 1980s and were limited to 750 copies of each of 12 plates, and include six popular Texas animals plus six animals primarily found in eastern states.
  3. Field Museum Audubon's Fifty Best Quadrupeds. This Giclée series, produced in the 1990s, greatly expanded options for those who wanted a copy of a specific folio print, and could not afford an original.


Rare-prints Giclée Edition

Common Mouse

PL 90 Common Mouse $350


Expanding on the success of their Audubon Havell giclée facsimile series, Rare-Prints has added some mammals to their Audubon line. These facsimiles are created from high resolution digital images of superb examples of the original prints, photographed by one of the best art photographers in the Southwest. Printed in a limited edition of 1500 on 330-gram Somerset Velvet paper with deckle edges, these prints will give a lifetime of enjoyment for a fraction of the cost of the originals.


Prairie wolf

PL 71 Prairie Wolf $350



PL 96 Cougar - Male. $300.


Sea Otter

PL 137 Sea Otter $300


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Southart-Parkway Edition

Say's Squirrel

PL 89 Say's Squirrel   $150

In the mid-1980s, Southart-Parkway began the first attempt to reproduce a group of created the first full-sized reproductions of Audubon's Quadrupeds.  In order to create unmatched prints of investment quality the company used the superb set of Audubon lithographs owned by the  Princeton University's library, and  the highest quality photo-offset lithography offered by Princeton Polychrome Press, the predecessor to Princeton Audubon Limited.  Special 100% cotton rag hand made and watermarked paper was imported from England for this limited edition of 750.  These are direct-camera reproductions.  Each print was hand numbered and embossed with the Southart-Parkway seal.  Prices range from $150 to $350.

PL 21 Grey Fox $300....................PL 21 Grey Rabbit $300..........PL 31 Collared Peccary $250

PL 61 Raccoon $350............PL 81 Common Deer (Fawn) $300.......PL 82 Red Texan Wolf $250

PL 86 Ocelot or Leopard-Cat $350..............PL 101 Jaguar $350....................PL 133 Texan Hare $250

PL 136 Common Virginian Deer $300......PL 146 Armadillo $300..............Limitation and Embossing

Published in 1985, these large 21 x 28 inch prints were issued in an edition of 750 and include some of the best animal images by John James Audubon and John Woodhouse Audubon.  Each print is numbered and embossed with the name "Southart/Parkway."

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Field Museum's 50 Best Quadrupeds

Black BearThe Field Museum in Chicago produced this edition in partnership with Oppenheimer Editions using the museum's superb copy of the Imperial Folio edition of Audubon's animals. Full-sized reproductions were produced using Giclée digital printing. The end result is a near-perfect reproduction of each original with exquisite detail and color. The edition is strictly limited to 300 copies overall, with 150 copies reserved to be sold in sets of fifty plates and 150 copies available as individual prints. The prints measure 28 inches x 22 inches and were made on Somerset velvet, an archival cotton rag watercolor paper imported from England. The bottom right corner of each print bears the Oppenheimer Editions embossed stamp while the verso is stamped, numbered and signed by The Field Museum Librarian. Below is a list of images. Prices range from $400 to $1200. Contact me for a photo and current pricing for the print of your choice.

PL 1 Common American Wild Cat
PL 3 Townsend's Rocky Mountain Hare
PL 8 Chipping Squirrel-Hackee
PL 11 Northern Hare Summer
PL 12 Northern Hare, Winter
PL 15 Oregon Flying Squirrel
PL 16 Canada Lynx
PL 21 Grey Fox
PL 22 Grey Rabbit, old and young
PL 26 The Wolverine
PL 30 Cotton Rat
PL 31 Collared Peccary
PL 32 Polar Hare
PL 33 Mink
PL 36 Canada Porcupine
PL 37 Swamp Hare
PL 42 Common American Skunk
PL 46 American Beaver
PL 47 American Badger
PL 52 Swift Fox
PL 56 American Bison
PL 57 American Bison or Buffalo
PL 61 Raccoon
PL 62 American Elk- Wapiti Deer
PL 66 Virginian Opossum
PL 67 Black American Wolf
PL 68 Fox Squirrel
PL 71 Prairie Wolf
PL 76 Moose Deer
PL 81 Common American Deer
PL 82 Red Texan Wolf
PL 86 Ocelot or Leopard-cat
PL 89 Say's Squirrel
PL 90 Common Mouse
PL 91 Polar Bear
PL 93 Black Footed Ferret
PL 97 The Cougar, female and young
PL 101 The Jaguar
PL 102 Large Tailed Skunk
PL 116 American Black or Silver Fox
PL 121 Arctic Fox
PL 127 Cinnamon Bear
PL 128 Rocky Mountain Goat
PL 131 Grizzly Bear
PL 132 Hare Indian Dog
PL 133 Texan Hare
PL 136 Common or Virginian Deer
PL 137 Sea Otter
PL 141 American Black Bear
PL 146 Nine-banded Armadillo

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