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Prints: Audubon's Folio Animals
Resrike of PL 72 White American Wolf

Knaggs book


Because lithographic stones can readily be prepared for a new image by grinding and polishing the surface, it is common to reuse these stones. As a consequence, most of the original stones for the imperial folio did not survive.

This restrike of PL 72 White American Wolf is the only known restrike of any of the prints from the Imperial Folio edition of the Quadrupeds. It was issued in February 1969 by the Cinncinnati Museum of Natural History (now part of the Cinncinnati Museum Center). The project is documented in a brief paperback book entitled The Rediscovery of John J. Audubon's White Wolf by Nelson S. Knaggs. Although the print is credited on the stone as the work of John James Audubon, the artist for this work was in fact John Woodhouse Audubon.


Restrike white wolf


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According to Knaggs, "a total of 160 good prints were made before the image began to disappear." This print, measuring 29 x 22-1/2 inches, is numbered 149.

Purchaser will receive the Knaggs book shown above along with the print.