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Prints: Audubon's Octavo Animals
Original Parts (1849-1854)

Cover for No. 27Original octavo parts (also called numbers or fascicles) are rare since the great majority of subscribers bound the parts into books. Each octavo part included five plates, text, and front and back covers (called wrappers). In the vast majority of cases, the wrappers were discarded when the parts were combined into books, although occasionally one may encounter a set that has some or all of the wrappers bound in. As fragile as they are and as prone to being broken up for plates, it is remarkable that some of the parts survived in the original "booklet" form and can still be found today in that form. I offer one of these special items here, part No. 27 which includes Plates 131 to 135 and is highlighted by the inclusion of the Grizzly Bear and Texan Hare plates.

The part will include a certificate of authenticity (COA) that gives background on the octavo edition and the subscription process. The size of the pages is larger than typical octavo print sizes because the part was never bound or trimmed. The plates and text pages measure 10-3/4 inches x 7-1/2 inches.  The part includes the original tan wrappers, the five hand-colored animal plates, and the original text pages describing the animals. Because text was printed on two sides of the page, this part lacks the the first page of text for PL 131 and includes the first page of text for PL 136. The part is complete as issued, the plates and text very clean, some wear to the covers.

Click any photo below for a larger photograph. Price for this rare and beautiful item is $2000.

Grizzly Bear

PL 131 Grizzly Bear

Hare Indian Dog

PL 132 Hare Indian Dog

Texian Hare

PL 133 Texian Hare

Yellow-bellied Marmot

PL 134 Yellow-bellied Marmot

Richardson's Meadow Mouse

PL 135 Richardson's Meadow Mouse


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