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Prints: Other than Audubon

In this part of the print gallery you will find original prints from artists and authors not associated with Audubon. Although these pages are dominated by natural history prints, other types of prints show up from time to time. Currently I am offering four groups of "non-Audubon" prints.

Catesby Rubythroated Hummingbird detail



Bird Folios. These prints provide a nice sample of work by Audubon's American and European predecessors and contemporaries. These prints are from original volumes by Alexander Wilson, Cornelius Nozeman, John Gould, Mark Catesby and Prideaux John Selby.

Thomas Nast christmas prints


Santa Claus and Christmas. These beautiful wood engravings, enhanced with modern hand-coloring, are from Harper's Weekly and are the work of artist and cartoonist Thomas Nast. Nast's work appeared regularly in Harper's from 1859 to 1886. Besides being an important political cartoonist, Nash helped to popularize an American version of the traditional figure of St. Nicholas through depictions of a jolly and generous Santa Claus based on the Clement Moore poem "A Visit from Saint Nicholas."

Green Heron detail



Rex Brasher. Prints from the third volume (ducks, geese, and other water birds) of Brasher's monumental work Birds and Trees of North America. Circa 1930s, these stunning prints were hand-colored by Brasher and his family.

Goldsmith Woodpecker detail



Budget Natural History. The offerings here are smaller and less expensive prints of birds and animals, even bugs and reptiles. Great for groupings or for putting birds, critters, and other creatures in your home's informal spaces. This changing selection includes prints from English and European natural history volumes.