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Prints: Rex Brasher
Birds and Trees of North America

Moonlit Haven - detailRex Brasher (1869-1960) was a Connecticut wildlife artist who from 1928 to 1932 produced a limited edition set of books entitled The Birds and Trees of North America. The work was comprised of up to 867 prints (collotypes or, in the last few volumes, offset lithographs) after Brasher's original paintings, painted from 1895 to 1828 and covering 1200 species and subspecies of North American birds. Unable to afford color printing, Brasher is credited with having done all of the handcoloring (using airbrush and stencil) of the black-and-white prints -- coloring about 90,000 prints in four years. Brasher's niece Marie took on the responsibility of the text while other family members helped with marketing and sales. These were originally offered to subscribers at an initial price of $100 per volume, and then $200 per volume, after the partnership realized it would not cover its cost at the initial price. The ultimate number of sets made up and sold seems to have been around 110 to 120.

I have below a selection of individual plates from Volume 3 of Brasher's work (ducks, geese, and wading birds). I also have for sale a very rare complete set of Brasher's work, the full 12 volumes with all 867 of the hand-colored plates in the original post-style bindings. See information on the complete set of Brasher's work.

As is usually the case with hand-colored art, Brasher's prints are much more engaging in person than in photos or reproductions. Although Brasher originally hoped to complete 500 copies of the work (reflected in the limitation that appeared on the title page of each volume), he soon realized this would not be feasible given the time and resources required. The edition size was reduced to approximately 100 copies, with the final number of sets somewhere in the range of 110 to 120 copies.

The prints offered here measure 16 inches wide by 12 inches high (not including the linen hinge if present). The linen hinges measure approximately 1-1/4 inches wide, and is attached to the left side of the plates. It was used to insert the plates into the post-hole binder.

A few prints were bought as singles and may be signed. Most prints are from one of two complete copies of the third volume of the work that I acquired (covering ducks, geese, swans, flamingo, spoonbill, ibises and herons). Brasher generally did not sign prints that he sold as part of a complete volume. American Ornithologists' Union (AOU) numbers appear on most but not all of Brasher's prints. Some prints have titles. Click on any photo for a larger image. The prints will be sent along with any relevant text pages.


Moonlit Haven

"Moonlit Haven" - Tundra Swans in moonlight. Stains in the margins, tiny chip bottom right corner. $150 

Canvasbacks Off Their Course

"Canvasbacks: Off Their Course" - migrating canvasbacks.  $120

"Courting." Red-breasted Merganser males in courtship positions. $110

Trumpeter Swans flying over a moonlit beach. Signed. $120.

113 Red-bill Tropic Bird. AOU Number and species written by hand in bottom margin. $150

129 Merganser $130

130 Redbreast Merganser $100

131 Hood Merganser $100

132 Mallard SOLD

133 Black Duck & 133a Redleg Black Duck $90

134 Florida Duck & 134a Mottled Duck SOLD

135 Gadwall $120

136 Redhead Widgeon $120

137 Baldpate $90

139 Greenwing Teal $130

140 Bluewing Teal $130

141 Cinnamon Teal $130

142 Shoveler

142 Shoveller $120

143 Pintail $120

144 Wood Duck SOLD

146 Redhead $130

148 Scaup Duck $100

149 Lesser Scaup Duck

149 Lesser Scaup Duck $110

150 Ringneck Duck

150 Ringneck Duck $100

151 Goldeneye $130

152 Barrow Goldeneye $130

153 Bufflehead $100

154 Oldsquaw $100

155 Harlequin Duck $110

157 Steller Eider

157 Steller Eider $90

158 Spectacled Eider $100

159 Northern Eider $100

160 Eider $100

161 Pacific Eider $90

162 King Eider $120

163 Scoter

163 Scoter $70

165 Whitewing Scoter

165 Whitewing Scoter $70

166 Surf Scoter $80

167 Ruddy Duck

167 Ruddy Duck $100

168 Mask Duck $120

169.1 Blue Goose

169.1 Blue Goose $100

169 Snow Goose $100

169a Greater Snow Goose

169a Greater Snow Goose $100

170 Ross Goose $130

171a Whitefront Goose $90

172 Canada Goose - 172a Hutchins Goose (subspecies of Canada Goose) $120

172b Whitecheek Goose (subspecies of Canada Goose) $90

172c Cackling Goose

172c Cackling Goose (subspecies of Canada Goose) $90

174 Black Brant

174 Black Brant  $80

175 Barnacle Goose

175 Barnacle Goose $80

176 Emperor Goose

176 Emperor Goose $90

177 Blackbelly Treeduck

177 Blackbelly Treeduck SOLD

178 Fulvous Treeduck $120

180 Whistling Swan (Tundra Swan) SOLD

181 Trumpeter Swan $150

182 Flamingo SOLD

183 Roseate Spoonbill $180

184 White Ibis $120

186 Glossy Ibis $100

187 Whiteface Glossy Ibis $120

188 Wood Ibis $100

190 Bittern $100

191 Least Bittern SOLD

192 Great White Heron (color morph of the Great Blue Heron) SOLD

194 Great Blue Heron SOLD

194a Northwestern Coast Heron & 194b Ward Heron (sub-species of Great Blue Heron) $140

196 Egret $120

196 Egret. Signed in marker. SOLD

197 Snowy Egret $150

198 Redish Egret SOLD

199 Louisiana Heron (Tri-color Heron) $130

200 Little Blue Heron $120

201 Green Heron SOLD

202 Blackcrown Night Heron. $120

203 Yellowcrown Night Heron. $120

204 Whooping Crane $180.

205 Little Brown Crane $130.

206 Sandhill Crane $130.

207 Limpkin $100